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lawn sprinkler upgrades:                  **$$ SAVERS**

We have a trained eye for what a well designed sprinkler system needs to function efficiently. Listed below are some common scenarios that occur that would require upgrades to your system.

- High Water bill? A reconfiguration of heads, nozzles, or time settings could be all that is needed to see a major reduction in your monthly water bill.

- Installing smart rain sensors to prevent your system from running during periods of rainfall. This accomplishes two goals; prevents over watering of your turf and flower beds and reduces watering costs.

- Expanding or reducing the size of your beds? This would require piping and/or sprinkler heads to be relocated to ensure great coverage.

-Adding "low flow" micro irrigation (drip) heads to new potted plants, vegetable gardens, etc...

-Upgrade to an Automatic Timer that is fully customizable to suit your needs.

-Interested in having a separatewater meter installed specifically for your irrigation/pool equipment?  Ask us about the significant savings this option may provide. We will coordinate installation and permits with your parish of residency.

New Custom installations:

Allow us to come to your property free of charge to meet with you or your landscape designer to devise a plan custom tailored  to your lawn and garden with your budget and needs in mind.  No job is too small; even if you just want to keep a few potted plants happy! The majority of our lawn irrigation systems are hand dug so there is no heavy equipment roaming your property. Our systems are automatic and consist of commercial grade parts to ensure longevity and we back that up with a one year material and workmanship warranty on all piping, heads, valves, etc... and a three year warranty on your new timer. An A-Select Sprinklers irrigation system installation is an investment that will add value to your home and provide you with trouble free service for years to come.

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Low Voltage Lighting:

Highlight specific areas of your home and landscape with stunning LED or halogen options:

  • ​path lighting
  • highlight specific trees
  • exterior walls or columns
  • and much more!
Subsurface Drainage:

A-Select also offers subsurface drainage upon request of customers to relieve areas of your property that hold water.

Contact us to schedule a free evaluation.

back flow service:

A back flow prevention device is a crucial part of your irrigation system. It ensures your drinking water does not become contaminated due to ground water "backing up" into your home supply. We can install, service, and "winterize" all types of back flow prevention devices. We are pleased to offer back flow prevention certification (required in certain parishes).

Pressure Washing Service:

Make your Concrete look new again with our professional hardscape cleaning service:

  • Driveways 
  • Patios
  • Walkways
maintenance program: 
*amazing value/popular option*

​Your lawn and garden represent a substantial investment of your time and money. Heat and irregular watering represents a real threat to the continued health of these areas. When in proper working order your lawn irrigation system is the best method of providing protection against the negative effects of heat. With most systems operating times usually set for the early morning hours it is not always possible to know if there is a problem with the system until it is too late. A regularly scheduled inspection of your system is the most effective method to ensure that your system will preform properly.

The inspection includes the following:

1. A visual inspection of the system

2. Check of Timer

3. Check of rain sensor

4. Cleaning and adjusting of heads and nozzles

5. Adjustments and minor repairs to the system.

This is a popular option for our customers and signing up for this program is easy and with no obligation to the customer.  Pick the months you would like us to come out, a quarterly inspection is generally recommended but we can make a custom recommendation for you based on your system. Prices Start at $65 for this service

​A 10% discount on labor and material for all future service calls performed on your system will be added with acceptance of a quarterly or monthly inspection.

Lawn Sprinkler repairs:

The Technicians of A-Select Sprinklers are experts at quickly diagnosing problems throughout your system. We arrive with a fully stocked truck, and can repair all brands of sprinkler systems, regardless of who installed them.